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April 22nd, 2007

08:10 am
Bonjour mon friends! 

I have some bad news, which isn't really bad, more an end of an era.

Yes, I know from that its pretty obvious, but my iPod, Lady Obello, is offically dead...FOREVER

I'll give you a moment to digest that SHOCKING news

Yeah, so Lady Obello died, and for my birthday and christmas and possibly next birthday my parents bought me a new one which in a drunken phase of hilarity, egged on by my friends I named Tipsy McStaggers after the pub in Ireland. I am not sure if I am regretting it yet, BUT I think the name Tipsy may just grow on me.

Its so technologically cool and the battery doesn't run out after 1hr, though the click wheel is one of the most stupid things I have ever encounted. AND it plays videos....which is tres exciting.

That's literally what has been going on in my life, and the internet is no longer working in my room which means I have to stagger into the computer room to write this, and the computer rooms smells! Also I have three exams next week which I am avoiding studying for, whoever decided that Psychologists needed to know stats should be shot, THROUGH THEIR STATISTIC LOVING HEART. 9am monday, what a horrible time for a stats exam....blerrrgh!

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March 31st, 2007

08:38 am - Urgh...you know when you just have one of those nights?
Well I had one last night, and it's really bugging me. Not only do I have to work both the night and the full day that my parents are visiting but I also had to be the hawker last night, which means I get to stand outside in 9 degree weather and sell programs, dvd's and cds at the top of my voice but I also didn't balance, twice. Which means I went from having no strikes, to having two out of three. SOOOO annoying. And to top it all off, I also had the evil bitchy supervisor who is really mean and french who doesn't give you the benefit of the doubt and say YOU ARE SHIT....well she doesn't actually say that but she does LOOK like that's what she's thinking.

Grrrr, so annoyed. Just thought I 'd share that with you.

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March 23rd, 2007

10:16 am - Did someone say it's time for a photo post?

Top Ex does reservoir dogs. Laurence, Trusty, Jnet, Mez, and Adam (WHO WENT TO KNOX)

<lj-cut text="OI-vay!">

Jnet and Steve an exchange student...unfortunately he wants to be a priest.

Random first years...I don't really know them...but I was drunk so everyone was my friend

Lavendar, Antony, and Chris (i think). Lavendar is so named because he stole sprigs of lavendar from Uni Ave

Supercheap lifting me because he could, and not spilling a drop

The guy next to Trusty (whose real name is John Brookes, a very trustworthy name), his name is IGAR

Random's drinking in south quad

Supercheap with the lightsabre I bought to wave at the fireworks

Adam looking fierce. The bottle sticking out of his poket is filled with port


Sky fire is at the river, and we sit near the bridge, make noise,take random photo's and get slightly tipsy

Obligatory fireworks

Jnet and James (who I call Mez...original I know)

Trusty and Adam...too members of the Dapper Gentlemen's Club

All the people in that photo are from Bruce...just some aren't part of the top exclusive crowd

Laurence and I went halves in a bottle of rum and thus drank half of it mixed with coke each

Top exclusive, just outside bruce

Hee hee, this wasn't taken the night of sky fire but its the ongoing anagram fun that is top ex. Our floor theme is superheroes and Charles originally had the sign saying Top Extension 2007- Floor of Superheroes and we changed it too...well you can see.


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February 28th, 2007

03:19 pm - An Awesome day!

What an awsome day....and I know what you are thinking, what IS with the Varekai poster? Well all will be explained laterrrrr, so hold your wee horses.

First, those who watch/read the news, you may have heard that Canberra was the victim of a recent assult, the perpetrator of which was nature. Hail, rain, thunder and lots of lightning, parts of bruce flooded, AND ANU FLOODED SO I ASK YOU, WAS YOUR UNI CANCELLED TODAY?????? NO!!!!! MINE WAS!!!! It was like a snow day, but a 'hail day' and it was awsome. 

SO my day started with the fire alarm going off and the person manning the fire alarm saying 'This is not a fire alarm, the Vice Chancellor is warning that students should stay away from all buildings/stay in their residences' NO SCHOOL! So I got to skip my 9am lecture and tutorial today and get up at the grand old time of 9! Hurrah!

Then as I am seated at my desk working my way through the second chapter of my neuroscience textbook my mobile rang it's sweet little ring tone (The Bill) and it was this guy called Ben from Addecco Employment saying that I had been successful at jumping through all the hoops AND I GOT THE JOB WITH CIRQUE DU SOLEIL as a merchandiser...and they are going to give me a large amount of money to do it AND I GET A FREE T-SHIRT!!! AND SEE THE SHOW FOR FREE OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Hurrah!

So that's two jobs I have now, because I also work at an Afterschool daycare and thus I have gone from having NO job to having lots of job! WOOO WHOOO!!!!

THEN Hail day continued and then Jeanette's family who have racehorses put the one that Jeanette technically owns and it won, so she got a cool $200 and took Elly, Jose (Elly's boyfriend), me and herself out for coffee...WHICH I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR!!! 
And then we got back only to discover in our in boxes an email telling all who need to know.... UNI HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!!! Due to the damage sustained from the hail storm!!!

So a whole lot of money....free coffee...and NO SCHOOL makes it the most awesome day everrrrr!

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February 6th, 2007

08:12 am - ~Bruce-alicious~
Back at Bruce after what seems like YEARS worth of camps. First off we went to the SR (senior residents, only we are no longer for leagal reasons able to call them that they are now SENIOR RESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSSSSSSS!) camp to meet up with them.

WAIT, you might not realise who, WE are. WE are the CRC (common room committee, basically the RA but we are not allowed to be called that for leagal reasons. ANU did this big leagal overhaul thing and the first victims was everyones titles) and the CRC are the ones who organise everything for the students (or SCHOLARS as they are now wankily known), such as O-WEEK, but more on that laterrrrrr.

So the CRC loaded into the Bruce Hall Bus, this little bus that takes about 15 with the Bruce logo on the side of it, and travelled down to the ANU's coastal camp place called Kiola. Now you are probably thinking what I was thinking, coast, summer, beach, sun, HEAT and lots of HEAT. About half through the trip I fell asleep for ten minutes. When I closed my eyes it was sunshine and HEAT and when I opened my eyes it was MIST, RAIN and COLD!!!! I hadn't packed a jumper because there wasn't enough room and thus FROZE for two days.

They was lots of verbal wanking about self-regulating communities, our various roles and how the CRC and SRS can work together more cohesively. Then there was a lot of drinking, then there was a lot of making loud noise.

Once that part was over we all loaded into the bus again and travelled on to batemans bay, to stay in Packards beach residence. Bill Packard was the first warden (head) of bruce hall, is like A BILLION years old, has a wing of the hall named after him and is viewed as a living god here at Bruce. The sporting teams wear his face on their shirts and this year his face is going on our jersy's.

Ooop more on that when Ireturn from breakfast! Bubye!

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December 24th, 2006

07:37 am - The joy of getting absolutely drenched!
Do you remember when you were little and it would rain and you ran out and jumped in the puddles and got gloriously wet and sodden? Well every single time it rains I always have an overwhelming urge to do just that. I mean EVERYTIME and it is really annoying in Canberra where it rained heavily a couple of times because I was stuck on a top floor and would have to run down three flights of stairs and it was just not worth it.

Today I woke up to rain pouring down, mist, cold and everything I could ever want. So after rousing my dad out of bed earlier than he would have liked (He normally walks the dog at 5.30am evrymorning but on Sundays likes to lie in till about 6.30, so I got him up at 6) and took the dog for a bush walk.

I decided about a quarter of the way into the walk that the wet weather jacket I had on was impeding my attempts to get soaked and thus removed it and did the rest of the walk in my trackies and pj top. Now I am happily sodden, sitting in front of the computer with a cup of hot chocolate. And I haven't felt this good in a loooong time!

Merry Christmas to you all! :D

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December 16th, 2006

05:33 pm
Here is a picture of me.


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December 7th, 2006

04:35 pm - JB BONANZA!
Today I went christmas shopping with Jass, or more correctly, I dragged Jess along while I did the christmas shopping for my family! We went into JB hiFi where I went on a DVD buying SPREE, and only two of them were chrsitmas presents!

I bought:

-The Aviator
-Bridget Jones Diary
-Bridget Jones: The edge of reason
-The Princess Bride
-Dead Poets Society

The Two Christmas presents were:
-The complete series two of Dr Who (For Dod aka dad)
-Friends Season Something for Jess (Who already has it because we wanted our christmas present now)

-Grey's Anatomy Season One!

I love splurging on DVds, and it is such a rare occurance that I felt it had to be noted!

Au revoir!

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November 26th, 2006

09:47 pm - James Mathison, when will you be tamed
Highlight of Australia Idol final was definately James Mathison introducing Damien Leith singing 'Nissian Dorma'

Ahh acidental product placement, it never gets old

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November 23rd, 2006

04:47 pm - Hello Moto!
This entry is celebrating the debute of my new phone, currently sans (if that mean without in french) name. SO that is your first task if you choose to accept it, NAME ME PHONE YOU BLAGGARDS!!

Secondly, I have spent an afternoon happily modifying some of the songs on my computer to provide hilarious ringtones for specific people, for example when Liam rings this drunk irish guy swears and insults an irish woman and then they sing about christmas.

SO, please comment here and say what song YOU would like attached to your name, and if I have it, then I shall modify it and whenever you ring me, you shall here your song, not that you will hear it because you will be ringing me and if you could hear it THEN WHY WOULD YOU BE RINGING ME, when you can just talk to me?!!!! GOSH!

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